Nguyen Thi Thanh Nhan, M.Econ

Nguyen Thi Thanh Nhan, M.Econ

Business Lecturer


She has worked as a lecturer for FPT university for eight years and have delivered lectures in marketing and business such as business environment, marketing essentials, economics, econometrics, research methodology, and soft skills. she usually develops different methods to share knowledge and give illustrations for learners. Building lessons more interesting is one of my demands for teaching. When it comes to her motivations for teaching students, she loves working with young generations. She can update herself and enhance every day. She has joined in Ph.D at UEH – University of Lincoln Partnership program since 2021. She likes to conduct researches for economics, management, and marketing. According to doing research, she has improved her writing skills, knowledge, self-study and mind. she also chooses the best students to take part in her research groups. Some articles have been published for FPT University in 2021. Undeniably, excellent students prefer to research as the way to improve their experiences before entrancing master programs. Her research team has only eight members at present. Her expectation is team members will be increased shortly and there are more international articles published in the future. She is working as a manager for the SCVS Ltd. company. SCVS centre is for art and language. They provide some services such as tutoring for students in writing, speaking, and visual communication. In addition, they also organize some courses for children to learn English. Students can improve knowledge, skills, and abilities to take Cambridge Examination Tests. She does develop teaching programs for both offline and online courses. The methods and practical activities should be not only attractive but also efficient for learners. Managing time and self-studying to develop education programs are her experiences for the position at the company. Teaching many levels of age and different standards plays an important role to enhance her in the future. She can learn how to understand the students’ abilities, strengths, or limitations to discover the best teaching lessons and prepare effective methods.


  • Bachelor Degree in Economics, University of Economics, Vietnam, 2010.
  • Master Degree in Development Economics, The Institute of Social Studies (ISS), The Hague, The Netherlands in collaboration with the University of Economics (UEH), 2013.
  • English Language, 2017 to 2021 (Expected), Open University in Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Accounting for decision making, February 2021, Online-course certificate.
  • TESOL certificate, September 2020, UNI-Prep Institute.
  • Effective problem solving and decision-making, August 2019, online-course certificate, UIC Division of continuing education.
  • Market research and consumer behavior, August 2019, online-course certificate, IE Reinventing Higher Education.
  • Introduction to marketing, August 2019, online-course certificate, Wharton University of Pennsylvania.


  • Nguyen, Q.C, Tran, D.C, Nguyen, M.T.A, Nguyen, T.T.N, 2021, The Effects of Perceived Risks on Food Purchase Intention: The Case Study of Online Shopping Channels during Covid-19 Pandemic in Vietnam, Journal of Distribution Science.