Urban Survive – The importance of physical interaction in design

Urban Survive – The importance of physical interaction in design

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Urban Survive is an Augmented Reality-enabled interactive book-making project. Both visual and physical activities will become the guarantee and maximum help in remembering and awareness for children aged 7-13 years, from the perspective of children who actually encounter those circumstances, and then immediately deliver reminders with interactions. The ability to directly affect gestures or physical activity and its impact on memory, as well as directly affect cognition and thinking abilities, especially at a young age, is the core of the project.
The purpose of this project is to use Augmented Reality technology to enable interaction between users and printed books, improving the books’ use-value, user experience, and usability.


The product of the project is divided into 2 parts including designing an illustrative book and 3D animation to serve Augmented Reality technology that can help users experience in the 3D environment.

The book includes 2 covers, 2 blank pages on the back cover, and 20 pages of content.
Dimensions: 254 x 203.2mm
Paper material: Cardboard paper
Paper thickness: 1.5mm
The thickness of spine: 22mm


In this project, I simply designed the characters and from there easily created animation collections.



You can access the book design and dossier by clicking on the buttons.
The main marketing strategy will be to release the book, taking advantage of the offline strategy for the book exhibition. Offline marketing requires a standee and poster.

Project Information

Category: Book Design, Illustration, 3D Animation
Lecturer: Nguyen Tuan Nghia

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