The Memphis box – A project of stimulating creativity and developing the potential of Memphis design

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The Memphis box – A project of stimulating creativity and developing the potential of Memphis design

The Memphis box – A project of stimulating creativity and developing the potential of Memphis design

Special thanks to:

Supervisor: Nguyen Tuan Nghia
Supporters: Nguyen Hoang Long, Trinh Tuan Ngoc

About project

The Memphis box is a project aiming toward the creativity, joyful and chaos.

This product will put users in the position of a creator, let them experience it firsthand, understand Memphis creative spirit. In this form of experience, the product will act like a game with infinite customization, and the final result will be a surprise, with an unique outcome made by users themselves.

In general, this project revolves around the main product, which is boxes. These boxes are assembled together based on a mechanism quite similar to Lego, so they are highly customizable and personalized for the user.

The product is a pen holder with an assembly mechanism like a Lego model. More specifically, the composition of products are module boxes that can be disassembled and assembled flexibly. Therefore, users will be able to completely assemble the structure of the boxes according to their preferences, creating interesting multiple variations.

About Memphis design

Memphis design was a retro design style created by a group of Italian architects and designers known as the Memphis group. Bonded by a mutual dislike of the minimalist design movement from the 1960s and 1970s, the group set out to design postmodern furniture, fabric, patterns, and ceramics inspired by art deco and pop art. Founded by Italian designer Ettore Sottsass in late 1980, the design group collaborated to create a style often described as kitschy and garish, centering around vibrant colors, geometric shapes, bold patterns, stripes, clashing colors, abstract designs, and plastic laminate. The truth is, Memphis was born with the purpose to become an art movement full of disruptive and rebellious. By creating Memphis, Sottsass wanted to promote creativity and individualism.

As you can see, It’s all about FUN!

Project typeface


I chose this font to represent the project because I think it’s a pretty classic, powerful and bold serif. Based on these properties, I believe ChunkFive Ex is a font that fits the style and ideals of Memphis very well.

This font will be used primarily in user guidelines as well as throughout marketing publications for the final product.

Design concept colors

These are the 3 main colors that I had used throughout this project, which is used for the products, marketing elements, and dossier.

Final outcome

The final outcome product includes

  • An user guideline paper
  • 6 boxes
  • A box cover
  • A set of stickers

1. User guideline paper

This guideline helps user understand the principle of how to assemble small boxes and also the purpose of the sticker set which is included.

Guideline front
Guideline back

User guideline front

User guideline back

2. Boxes

The following objects are the images of the final product, which is 6 small module boxes (has been applied stickers) and a main box cover.

Assembled boxes with box cover
Single box
Module boxes
Example of an assembled variant with stationary contained

3. Stickers

This is the explanation of the idea for the sticker appearances. In fact, while complementing the idea for the design concept, I have been thinking that, why not use the stationary object to create elements design concept for the pen holder? After that, I have made some draft design, and here is the final concept for the stickers.

These included stickers come separate from the box, so it is easy for you to customize your box appearance base on your preference

Box before attach stickers

Box after attach stickers

4. Quick user experience footage

Below is a quick example of how to assemble your Memphis box and use it as a pen holder.

Marketing materials

These are the poster, banner, and standee that support the marketing campaign.

Take a closer look on my Dossier

Thank you for viewing my project!

Project categories:

Handcraft, pen holder, interactive, game, interchangeable, construction toy.

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