Main purpose:  Can convey cultures to viewers through visuals. More specifically, conveying Vietnamese culture through the characters' costumes


I took the idea from the costumes of the ethnic groups in Vietnam and modified it, turning it into the costumes of the characters.

The combination of Áo Bà Ba, Reformed
Vietnamese clothes
and Nguyen Dynasty pattern
Line 1: Inspired by the costumes of the H’Mong ethnic group
Line 2: Inspired by Four – part dress and Vietnamese pattern
Inspired by the costumes of the Dao ethnic group in Tuyen Quang, Dao Do ethnic group, Áo Dài and lotus
Inspired by Áo Dài, lotus and the costumes of the Pa Then ethnic group in Tuyen Quang


The skin will be the foundation which will be placed on the paper
These will be printed as clear stickers


For the plot, I drew inspiration from the parallel world theory of Marvel, DC and Doraemon manga. Beside that, I also drew inspiration from Isayama Hajime’s Attack on Titan manga and a game called Dota2. The story will take place in another land – a fantasy land with fantasy creatures and mystical, magical powers. It will have two or more factions and each faction will have its own story and ideals.

World building:
The story will take place in a parallel universe where the main character (player) will start in a kingdom isolated from the rest of the world by the surrounding oceans. In this universe, there will be no modern technology but will instead have the existing of magic. Consisting of 7 Districts, the kingdom is ruled by the royal family, noblemen and the military.
There is an organization of outstanding individuals, including both magic users and non-magic users, that is not controlled by the government. The Organization’s purpose is to help and protect the citizens across all districts from hunger, natural disasters, and monsters. Because the Organization is so powerful, most of the country’s affairs are managed by them instead of the actual government.
The Outside world is the name given by the people of this archipelago to the lands far from the island. Accidentally once, a resident on the island was revealed when they helped people in distress on the ship of The Outside World. The Organization saved those people and helped them return to their homeland, but what The Organization and the people on the island received was an invasion. In order not to repeat the mistake, The Organization and the Royal Family have agreed to find a way to hide this island.

Starting the game, the player will be introduced to the 4 important characters from the organization:

Character A: a powerful magic user, who can manipulate different elements and is the second in command of the Organization.

Character B: another version of the player in a third universe where technology is very advanced.

Astrologist: a magic user who can see into the future, but each time they use their power, they have to pay with a part of their longevity.

Intellect: a non-magic user, who uses their exceptional intelligent for plans and strategy.

More characters will be added through the storyline.

Scientist named B discovered the existence of parallel universes and successfully found a way to travel across them. B then arrived at the kingdom where the story takes place and began their research. After learning about how little control the government actually possessed, B saw this as a chance to gain a stand in the hierarchy. B convinced the royal family into expanding the kingdom and revenge The Outside world through invasion. To gain more power, the King requested help from the Organization. The Organization’s leader was opposed to the idea of war and determined to prevent it from happening. During the meeting of the two parties, B met Intellect. Intellect was driven by the urge to learn more about the world outside of the island and the technology from B’s universe, so they made a trade with B: be a spy inside the Organization and help B become a member.
After gaining trust from A, B received the ability to use magic and their greed for power grew more and more. As no agreement was made between the government and the Organization, B decided to overtake the Organization and force them into submission by taken off the leader and brought the military in. Many of the Organization’s members were captured or killed, those who survived are in hiding and scattered around the kingdom. Gained the magic power they needed and became the minister of the kingdom, B started the war. Because of this, every healthy citizens were drafted to the army.
As the Organization’s second in command, A took over the role of leader and fought against the government. In a losing battle, A begged the Astrologist to use their power to help overturn the situation. Looking into the future, the Astrologist found a person that would change the destiny of the kingdom: the Player.

Gameplay/Main story:
The Player is brought into a parallel universe and is not told anything about why they are summoned to this world nor the backstory, only that they need to help the citizens. The Player will be given magic ability and choose a weapon they want: bow, sword, spear, or catalyst. The Player will travel through several Districts, where they learn more about the kingdom and its people.
Since A was betrayed once already, they do not give the Player the full magic power nor all the information. Therefore, the Player must gain A’s trust to level up their skills and advance through the storyline. However, the Intellect’s real identity as a spy is still hidden from the Organization and Player. Despite knowing the Player is a threat to the government and B, the Intellect will not try to take the Player out in fear of blowing their cover, as well as wanting to manipulate the Player into joining B’s side and change the prophecy.

The Player’s different choices and actions will lead to different endings. The first deciding event will be in the mid-game, where the 4 characters (Player, A, Intellect, and Astrologist) are ambushed by the military and only the Player and A escape. The Player will need to decide who to save: the Intellect or Astrologist.
By choosing the Intellect, the Player will partake in events involving the royal family and their ideology.
By choosing the Astrologist, the Player will be with the Organization and continue travel around through the remaining Districts.
There will be different endings for all the story:
Join B and the government with the war.
Join A and the Organization and stop the war.
Maybe more (?)

All this information will be displayed in the Instruction book

A page from the book

Viewers can experience the system in the most “authentic” way by touching cards and giving directions. To be similar to the game, all cards are the same color, only the event card will have a white border inside. The viewers can try Arc 1 (early game and mid – game) only because this is just a demo.

Event card: 7.7 x 2.8 cm
Normal card: 5 x 3 cm

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