STILL GOOD mobile app – DANG HUNG PHAT 001143646

STILL GOOD mobile app – DANG HUNG PHAT 001143646


Food waste is not a new story, but it is an unsolved problem. The economic life of Vietnamese people are icreasing day by day, along with the development of the times, food is increasingly plentiful and diverse, focusing on both composition and form. The concept of lifestyle of many people has changed compared to the past.

Concerning of eating, eating is not only for living, but also enjoying . In cities, where economically developed, people have a surplus of food sources. It is not difficult to see images of food waste at restaurants from luxury to popular, or daily meals of households. Many people still believe that environmental pollution is inherent from the production of factories, the circulation of vehicles,… But the waste of food every day is discharged into the environment of each individual. This waste somtime comes from people’s own consciousness, it is becoming a new threat to the environment and to themselves.


In 2019, the social networking space continues to grow with 62 million users (accounting for 64% of Vietnam’s population, up 7% year on year. 2018). The number of social media accounts on mobile also increased by 16% compared to last year. With great influence, social media is a popular communication tool of most Vietnamese enterprises.
Mobile Experience Optimization – A must-have. To clarify the importance of mobile devices, let’s take a look at some figures from the report: With 64 million internet users in Vietnam today, the number of users accessing by mobile device is 61. 73 million people (accounting for 96% of internet users and accounting for 64% of Vietnam’s population); Out of 143.3 million registered subscribers, 45% were 3G & 4G.


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