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Re-branding for “Gạch” project

It can be said that bullying has always been an evident problem in modern society. With the rapid development of technology, cyberbullying in recent years has become an alarming issue, more and more people has fallen victim to it.

The abuse is virtual, but its consequence is very much real.

Design Solution

As a graphic designer, I have come up with my solution to contribute to reducing this painful problem, which is re-branding the identity for a social organization called “Gạch”.

“Gạch” project is a public communication project of K39 e-newspaper student group – Academy of Journalism and Communication in Hanoi. “Gạch” tries its best to change and raise people’s awareness of the problem of cyber violence in order to bring a safe and healthy internet environment.

“Gạch” is a good social media organization with quality operations, but doesn’t yet have the right brand identity to expand the organization. So the new identity will clarify the message that “Gạch” wants to convey.

Table of contents

“Gạch” Brand Identity

The goal of re-branding is to bring the “Gạch” project to Ho Chi Minh City. New visual for easy application and development. In addition, looking closer to Southern friends.

Propaganda Posters

According to research, cyber bullies feel stronger when they put others down. But we should understand that the really strong people are those who always try to improve themselves, not by dragging others down.

Boredom, deadlock is also a big cause of virtual bullying. Sometimes a victim of cyber bullying turns into a bully, so it’s important to keep a positive attitude. Give love to spread positivity.

The story of cyberbullying is not new to anyone. Each of us, whether victims or ordinary people, let’s share stories and advice to the community. Because who knows, someone really needs to hear your message.

Mockup poster

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