Prejudice Is Killing Your Children – Packaging Design Project

Prejudice Is Killing Your Children – Packaging Design Project


COLURGUM is a packaging brand for gummy bear candy products for young children with the desire to combine educational elements about prejudice for children. The design theme is minimalistic with simple and concise messages that help children understand their own values ​​(Your Life – Your Color) and move towards a society without prejudice.


Prejudices exist in many aspects of life, divided into many categories such as: social, religious, ethics, policies, gender, stereotyping etc. Prejudice is often understood as an act of attributing people to a certain group of people or certain laws following negative tendencies – seeing people and problems through the eyes of “they are the same”


The design idea is a simple concept, easy to understand, eye-catching colors, I also refer to ideas from educational packaging for children and mental health kits.


The main image concept is to use flat illustration, simple style – easy to convey the message to the target audience.


Sexism version
Sizeism version


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