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Not Just A Cover – The Important of Album cover art

Not Just A Cover – The Important of Album cover art


Music – One of the most popular forms of entertainment of all time. It strongly affects
pop culture, from the 60s to nowadays, we – the highly intelligent creatures, have also been
heavily influenced and inspired by music, a form of auditory art, yet also contain optical art,
which is an album cover. Album cover art always plays an important role in the music itself,
it can be everything in terms of art, which consists of the artist’s will, message, vibe, or mood
of their album/single. The beauty of album covers comes from all shapes, materials, and art
styles, some of them have unique material and packaging designs that give customers a new
experience when they unbox the product.

The purpose of this study is to experience and provide people with an overview of this
form of design, making more people, especially Vietnamese people interested in art, cover
design, and packaging, which heavily influenced pop culture, music in the past. By using the
qualitative research method and audience online survey to collect people’s video, opinions,
and knowledge about the album cover art, so I can know “Do they interested in the subject?”
and “How can I inspire them to know more about this massive world of art.”




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