Memephographic – Guides to the online culture of Memes

Memephographic – Guides to the online culture of Memes

Memephographic – A Message? A Funny Image? Or More?

Memes – an idea / cultural feature / behavior / style that was passed down from generations to generations. The meaning of the word has been evolved or changed a lot from time to time and here we are with the 20th century with the new “Internet Memes”. “Internet Memes” are a type of “meme” which takes form as a phrase, image or video which appears on the internet mostly for humorous purposes. A common form of meme would h meme would have an image with text on the Impact font with strokes. Memes have been around for a few decades on the internet. Everyday, many people would go online to look at memes to brighten up their day, having a chuckle at a break or just wanting a laugh in the day in general. Memes are being used in a lot of situations, not only as funny images, videos but also using them as advertisements. A lot of advertisers hhave to catch up with memes and trends to fit their audiences

In our modern media environment characterized by participatory media culture, internet memes have become a tool for everyone seeking to participate actively and discursively in a digital public sphere we call the internet. Although memes have been around for quite a few decades already, some of the viewers are still clueless on what memes are and their importance on the internet. This study responds to calls for research into effects of internet memes and the importance of its existence. Specifically, this project is made to help people getting to understand memes and maybe even interest them to learn more about it.

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