HUMAN FEARS Exhibition

Have you ever thought that if you are too scared, what your body would be like?

When a person is anxious, stressed, or scared, the brain signals other parts of the body. The signals communicate that the body should be prepared to fight or flee. The body reacts, for example, by releasing adrenaline and cortisol – two types of stress hormones. The major topic that I am aiming at is an exhibition about human fears. Human psychology has always been a topic that makes me curious, and I am excited about it. We all have fear, some know what we are afraid of, others don’t. Besides the common fears that everyone knows (for example fear of heights, fear of the dark, fear of spiders…). There are fears that many people probably never know. This exhibition lets people know more about their fears or know for themselves and how to reduce that psychological fear.


PSYCHOLOGY: The word “Psychology” is formed from Latin with 2 words “Psyches” (soul) and “Logos” (science). Since then, the word “Psychelogos” was formed to refer to the science of the soul. Psychology is a research science that focuses on the effects of physical activity, psychological state, and external factors on human behavior and spirit. Psychology is defined as “the faculty of human behavior and mental processes”.

Do you know what your fear is?

Human psychology is a miniature universe that has so many things that we do not know. There are fears that we do not know its existence that we may know but don’t know, it actually has a name. Not everyone really knows what they fear. Nor does everyone know how to overcome fear. In addition, a constant feeling of anxiety and fear will cause negative changes in your body and significantly impair your health.


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