How to raise human awareness about littering? – Clean up day Campaign

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How to raise human awareness about littering? – Clean up day Campaign

How to raise human awareness about littering? – Clean up day Campaign

The world is facing many serious problems. Many issues revolve around stories of armed conflict, religious conflict, and skin color inequality. Many forums and many social networks have articles on these issues. However, the world still has an alarming problem and it has a direct impact on every individual living on earth in general and humans in particular. The environment is seriously damaged.
Environmental problems are a large, varied, and very complex topic. There are many problems related to the environment. What is the current state of the environment, the reasons why the environment falls into such a state, and the consequences of the environmental destruction/ In this proposal, I would like to mention that the environment is destroyed by waste and the main reason here is because of human litter.

Raising awareness campaigns in the form of cleaning have also been launched in many places. If the earth’s pollution by garbage is an illness, then garbage removal is healing. We not only focus on preventing Earth from sickness with propaganda to change consciousness but also on user action to overcome the consequences. That is why many cleaning campaigns have been launched in many places and have achieved certain achievements. Through cleanup campaigns, we can not only reduce the amount of waste that is present in public places, but we can also increase awareness in everyone. In addition, many garbage removal campaigns will take place to create communities with the same goal because the earth is clean and beautiful. Garbage collection is concrete and direct action that produces the expected results.

Trashman sitting next to a girl on the beach. Trashman represents the amount of trash we bring and drop at the beach. His presence here represents the reality of our beach litter. He is personified. However, sitting next to him was a woman who was shy but annoyed with the trash man. Trashman is ugly and has a bad smell. The girl doesn’t like him. This is a comparison of people who throw trash like trash. And others don’t like this. The poster content is like a satire to those who litter. We have an organization logo and a saying “Nobody wants to sit next to trash”. They are scaled and placed on top. This helps people focus on the visual part. Because the event takes place at sea, the setting is a beach. The poster uses bright colors to attract attention and is suitable for the context of summer – the time of the event.
Trash-man sits on the beach, sad, and misses his home. This poster shows that he doesn’t like this place and wants to go home. In this poster, we also have a logo of the organization with the words “Trash-man want to go home”. The poster is still set on the beach. I still use bright colors to draw attention and give energy to people.
We need a promotional poster. On it will have information about the campaign such as the event name, time, and location of the event. The background is the top-down corner of the beach. This is an interesting perspective, they can have a wide field of view. And this perspective gives us a reasonable layout to arrange the above information.

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