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“How to mitigate today’s wildfires?”

“How to mitigate today’s wildfires?”

Currently, the world is facing natural disasters. But one of the natural disasters that the government and the world are presently concerned about and mentioned frequently is forest fires. Its effects affect not only a country but also the region and the globe. In recent decades, climate change, with unusually long heatwaves, has caused wildfires. Disaster becomes more and more serious. This problem directly affects the organisms living on earth and forces researchers and governments to grant hair to look for ways to reduce wildfires.



The logo is designed according to the idea of
using the image of a monkey, a familiar animal
in the forests of Vietnam. The logo is designed
in a simple stylized way, the monkey is wearing
a fire cap with the Vietnamese flag on it

Organization Name


A short slogan but enough to describe the content that needs to be said. Protecting the forest is very important
to all of us because protecting the forest is also protecting our lives.


The image of the mascot is more personal, specific and clear. It not only expresses the pursuit and desire for good things, but more importantly reflects the ideals, characteristics of the times and society. The image of the mascot used in this project is the personification of an animal that becomes a firefighter.


Montserrat Font

Impact Font

The font used in the Poster will be Impact font. In addition, the font used in banners and dossiers to record a lot of information will be Montserrat font


The poster shows the growing global warming in the
world. Because forest fires are happening in many countries all over the world. Image of a deer in pain as a result of a forest fire.

The poster shows that the frequent cause of forest fires is
the human consciousness of using fire unconsciously. It
only takes one match to burn and it can cause a large
forest fire. Image of the forest burned and robbed the
habitat of the animals inside the flame from the matchstick.

The poster depicts the act of smoking in the forest. The cigarette butts that are still burning when not extinguished
are thrown on the ground by humans, it will ignite the dry
trees, which will create a forest fire. The forest is compared
to an ashtray.

Currently, in the world, forest burning occurs frequently.
Therefore, the law on burning forests needs to be heavier
to reduce burning. The person who burns the forest will
have to go to jail depending on the severity of the forest
fire. The image of 3 trees compared to prison doors is
used in the poster


Street banners are often used to attract people passing by the place where the banner is hung. They can be motorcyclists,
pedestrians, car or other vehicles and it takes at most a few seconds for them to see the message you want to convey.
Therefore, your banner must make an immediate impression with its easy to understand content and eye-catching, vivid
appearance. The content in the banner is the image of animals running to escape the forest fires.

The Exhibition

The exhibition is held in schools to educate and raise children’s awareness about protecting forests from fires. In addition, the exhibition also has small gifts to give to the students.

Biểu tượng Cộng đồng đã xác minh





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