How to apply creative process to differentiate one local brand from others? | Ndawn Studios Brand Identity

How to apply creative process to differentiate one local brand from others? | Ndawn Studios Brand Identity

Local brand is defined as a fashion brand that produces clothing locally. They design and produce products by creativity, not just normal clothing stores that only sell or trade premade clothing. The local brand has more advantages such as being cheaper than global brands, yet still having stable quality. Many brands even have the design and sizes customized for Vietnamese.

Nowadays, lots of products from different brands have an identical identity. Most brands do not have any innovation in design, and it is also said that their products are manufactured on a large scale. Some young people use available designs or artworks on the Internet for their projects and make a mark like their own designs. Stealing original designs is happening day by day.

So, looking for inspiration to create something new is essential but using it in a mercenary way would be a huge failure for a designer and the local brand at large.

That is the reason why this project needs to be released to help teenagers have a different look at the issue. This is not only helping founders know the left-sides of these problems, but it could also help local brands in our country improve and have a turning point in the future

Making a brand that has enough 3-elements: brand identity, artwork, and story look book in my brand. If this project becomes successful, my question in the first place will be solved. To be clear, my project will be divided into three certain parts.

How to apply the creative process to differentiate one local brand from others? this is the result of my topic after researching. A brand with a separate identity, a separate product will help young people and young people who want to open a brand won’t make the mistake of copying from Pinterest, taking non-copyrighted products to use for their brand.

For the brand to be successful and develop, what must we do? and here is the product that helps us solve that.


Brand Identity Ideation
Logo concept
Our guidline


Concept Art is illustration that is prepared to apply on printing products such as books, magazine, newspaper, … It includes image, drawing, figures, diagram, graph… and does not includes table, words, and deeds. This is the second part of my final project.In this respect of the project, I will use typography or an illustration about the topic of depression in young people, an ongoing problem in Viet Nam society.

Depression is a common psychological illness, especially people who experience too much stress, experience emotional shock and especially woman, and now most clearly in the young gender.Depression makes the patient feel sad, lose interest in everything around. This illness affects emotion, thought, action, and brings along with many physical and mental problems, more seriously, people with depression can try to destroy them-self.

This is what I want to bring into my design for my brand this time. My product will be the media to convey for the people know how depressions is killing the young people, using typography and artworks to make a dark and scary image for people to look at and create a haunting vision to customers.

Combined with the story of the brand this is the key visual that help people to see the threat of depressions, and we should have dissidents, that people should not let those things happen to themselves.


An artbook is a collection of paper or other materials, the content of which usually includes pictures and graphics, arranged according to a defined theme. It could be a collection of artistic photographs, photographs taken from a TV series or movie, or a collection of photographs of an artist’s work. In recent years, artbooks have become more popular and are also used as an advertising medium for comic books or animated series.

This is the final point of my project; with the image I will make a story for it. If there is only the brand and the product on the clothing it will not have a strong effect without it. Look book or promotion on social.Our artbook will confidently differ from all products. If other people’s products merely want to advertise their products, my project will give a story to tell about clothing products. Finally, combining all 3, people find that the product in common from start to finish made up my brand, from the identifier to the final product associated with my own brand.

This is an artbook based on the diary, what difficulties I went through and how to overcome them, combined with illustrations to help people understand more deeply about this project, this is a gender social issue.

Children encounter a lot. So I want to represent young people who have experience in conveying their own stories. Through the artbook, people can see themselves in it and can find solutions.


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