VEGAN NUTRITION – Is that our body truly needs? | 2D Animation Project | Hồ Kiến Quang – GDS17361

VEGAN NUTRITION – Is that our body truly needs? | 2D Animation Project | Hồ Kiến Quang – GDS17361

Vegan food is a popular topic nowadays, especially for those who are following a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, It is still a topic that had so many comments in the cuisine field because there is a group of people who confirm that vegan food worse than meat. As a result, my mission of this project is to share the nutrition value of this in order to protect and engage the vegan –eating habit.

Case Study

Eating is retained to be one of the topics that people care the most. In addition, everyone wants to enjoy a good taste meal, good for their health, and save the environment. However, it is difficult to combine those things except vegan eating habits. Although its popularity has been gone beyond a Buddhist tradition limit, vegan food is still not got complete reception because some people have negative judgment. Besides, Some of them said that eating vegan is not enough energy and nutrition, not be fed or just simple they refer to meats with cause of their good taste.

I want to say that people are free to choose to want they like to eat as long as there are healthy. We see a lot of vegan people also got sick just because they didn’t have meal plans. Eating vegan helps us to stay enhance our energy when playing sports and control blood pressure very well. It owns such a powerful potential and even more if the nutrition value in a meal is provided fully. However, lots of people cannot apply a plant-based diet for a long period because vegan is more difficult to find important nutrients that contain popular in meat.

Reason to make an animation

There are many options to visualize the story include in a graphic novel, comic, and interacting comic. However, an animation is the best option because it’s interesting for any age which easy to understand and share. Likewise, there is a lot of short clip on the internet that works successfully in sending messages. People tend to remember images longer than words. Therefore, the moving images are the most eye-catching compare to other media.


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Character Full Bodies

Character s’ Expression & Turn Around

Character Line-up


Main character motel room top view

Keyframe Breakdown


These promotion products support getting attention to watch the video. Moreover, there is a QR code that accesses directly to the video link in every product. Especially, These brochures have more purposes that introduce four different types of diets in the video and do a hint for its story.


These goods which are attached to the animation video are used for collection. So the collectors could share a message to others even they didn’t watch it yet.

These are four different sticker sheets which are four different types of diet. Collectors can collect dishes that appeared in the animation video and even more. Moreover, each sheet contains four meals that correspond to each type of diet. Therefore they can have a detailed look for dishes, understand more about the type of diet, and have inspiration for their menu.

The infographic shows full information on vegan nutrition which has been presented in the animation video. Therefore It helps viewers can review and share with others quickly by two different media include in a brochure and digital image which is gotten by scanning the following QR code.

Full Animation Video

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