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Disaster Preparedness Mobile Application.

Disaster Preparedness Mobile Application.

Natural disasters are the destruction caused by nature to mankind, I cannot resist, cannot prevent “them”. When I visit areas affected by natural disasters, I have great compassion for my fellow citizens so I have to find ways to reduce damage and help those in need during natural disasters.

What will we do, as smartphones and big mobile apps become more common, to adapt these resources to natural disaster preparedness? Is a smartphone app a realistic choice for natural disaster preparedness as opposed to other infrastructure-level supports? What are the potential applications and challenges?

How can I use my designs to motivate thinking and being a positive impact, on the process of natural disaster prevention in Vietnam?

Designing a smartphone app can provide detailed information to users on how to create a hurricane emergency plan and also illustrate the history of hurricanes in your area. Besides, the app needs to have a signal so that everyone can assist the person in need. Hope my design can help people who get stuck in natural disasters

The Disaster Preparedness app reduces the impact of disasters by providing accurate and relevant news to the public. It provides them with information and actions to take to prepare for emergencies. Also, people can donate to help those in need.

Primary functions

  • Provide accurate disaster information
  • Provide donation link to support charity fund
  • Make a to-do list in case of an emergency
  • Get help or report anything happening in your area.


  • The target audience is citizens of Vietnam between the ages of 16 and 60
  • People trapped in a disaster and want help
  • People who want to donate to those affected
  • People affected by fake news in articles
  • And government agencies, to send instructions or warnings to citizens.

Client goals

  • Things that will ensure that the application is successful
  • Relief for those in need
  • Provide lists and to-dos for people to do in an emergency
  • Make it accessible to everyone so even the elderly and disabled can use it

Logo Design

Color Scheme





Final Design

Scan this CODE for use App


The marketing materials for the project include posters, banners, instrargram.

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