CMM – Create Vietnam streetwear fashion project

CMM – Create Vietnam streetwear fashion project


CMM is a streetwear brand that combines two fashion lines. Diffusion fashion and Street fashion. CMM’s products are designed according to a separate concept with the sound and culture of Western countries in the 1990s. CMM is inspired by the styles of players, peace-lover, life-lover, Rock and roll, hip-hop, American liberal cultures, and pursuing “American-dream” in the post-war years. from the second to the end of the 20th century. CMM also recreates the picture of the lifestyle of people in the previous century in the most rustic and intimate way, the nights of eating, playing, sports, traveling, studying, work with friends,… These cultures are subtly integrated into the brand with CMM’s fashion products.

The goal: publishes overview book “from idea to icon” to create artworks from brand identity elements. Since then, incorporate those artworks into fashion products, first of all, T-shirts.

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Concept of the book

“From IDEA to ICON” is about evolving logo and patterns into different icon variants such as Elements, objects, iconic objects, flying saucers, light trails, etc… and their application to products of the brand.

The ideas are made as a conversation between me and myself through chapters called “TRACK”. The “TRACK” makes and take inspiration from music and movies from the 1960s to 2000s, a design style inspired by design company Pen & Pixel and others from two decades ago: Yahoo!, Window XP, Apple computer, teen-code, fence link, spider, alien, etc…

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T-shirt mockups

Artbook mockups

Brand’s identity & application

The means of CMM
CMM is like a saying “good luck” to those who are on the way to conquering life, conquering love, conquering career, preparing to start a new journey full of thorns and challenges. CMM is like a saying to get rid of everything, forget your troubles, release temporary negative moods to focus, and continue your journey. CMM will be everything we can think of freedom and dreams come true.

The messages
Be yourself, no matter who you are, you are also an extremely important value in this life and society.

Convey the message, convey the brand’s lifestyle through fashion products.
Become the most meaningful fashion brand, live for happiness, live for love, live for memorable moments with family and friends.
CMM is desire, the desire for the freedom that everyone wants to achieve, everyone becomes the people they want to be.

Offline Exhibition

The author sincerely thanks my family for creating the most favorable conditions for my study and work.
– Thanks to friends who have encouraged, helped, and commented on the process of completing the book. Especially Sodae Nguyen @xxsodae, Duong Thuy Nguyen, Thong Minh Nguyen, Phuong Le @isabellebaebae, Huy Quang Nguyen, Dinh Van Manh, Dieu Khanh Hoa for taking the time to comments and help.
– Thanks to the instructor: Mr. Son Duc Nguyen for the sincere advice.
– Thanks to the individuals and entities gave permission to use their images so I could best complete my idea.
– Thanks to my niece and younger sister, thanks to my dog and my cat for taking the time to take care of me!
Thank you one more time!
from Phan “Finn.Zoldyck” Minh Man

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