Applying data visualization into logo presentation to  enhance the decision-making process

Applying data visualization into logo presentation to enhance the decision-making process

Project Information

Category: Editorial Design, Brand Identity

Sector: Presentation

Special thanks to

Lecturer: Nguyen Tuan Nghia

Brio Studio’s Leader: Ninh Nguyen

An Design’s CEO: Le Ngoc Anh


This project focuses on how to make a better presentation to the client in a brand identity project, especially in the logo concept. The final product captures all the steps in the design process of An Design’s Logo. To enhance visual communication, some data visualizations were explored and applied to the stage of choosing the Logo concept to help the client make a better decision.

First, let take a look at the brand!

01 | The brand

Who are they?

An Design is an interior and architecture agency based in Hanoi. They were established in 2017.

What do they do?

They specialize in providing:

  • Low-rise building design consulting service
  • Construction interior design service
  • Construction services for construction works

What is their rebrand goal?

The headman wanted to change the identity to help match the brand with their customer better. In 2020, with their new strategic plan, they hired an agency to help them build the visual brand. Our team Brio was the responsibility of the recipient to ensure a successful identity shifting.

What is the brand definition?



What is the brand personality?

02 | The process of making the Logo concept

Design Direction

Everything starts from verbal descriptions of key brand values and features. It’s important to make sure that we are on the same page with the client and understand the “soul” of his business correctly

Attribute & mood board

Idea Development


03 | The Logo concept

Concept 1

Concept 2

Concept 3

So, how can the client know Which Logo Concept is the best concept for their brand?

04 | Applying data visualization to comparing Logo Concept

Question 1 How relevant is the symbol to the 4 keywords?

Question 2 How unique is this Logo?

Question 3 Which features does each Logotype have?

05 | The Final Product

Below displayed some highlighted slides
from the publication “ An Design Logo
Process”. Online book full version at: https://

Or scan this QR code to take a closer look at
the publication:

06 | Online Exhibition

Thank you for your consideration!

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