Antibiotics: Exilir or Poison?

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Antibiotics: Exilir or Poison?

Antibiotics: Exilir or Poison?

During February, my cousin came to my house for a short stay to take the Ielts test. We were very close, so she stayed in my room. During this time, her health was not very good and often had to take antibiotics. This makes me feel worried and confused because her health is inherently good. She said she just had a cold, but the symptoms are completely different.

So, I asked her carefully and found out that the medicine she was taking was only sold by a pharmacist without a prescription from a doctor. I freaked out and confiscated the medicine immediately. The symptoms immediately improved markedly and completely disappeared overnight.

This event raised a concern inside me.

Why antibiotics?

Antibiotics: Exilir or Poison – Project Dossier

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