A Blast from the 20th

A Blast from the 20th


“A Blast from the 20th”, is a project aims to helps designers, both new and experienced to explore the history of graphic designer during 20th century. The end result of this project is produce a product that will educate but also provide entertainment to the users.


Game Rules

This game can either be played single player or two player

+ Single Player:

It is a simple quiz card game, the player picks a card that have the question on the frontside and try to guess it. Player will check the answer on the backside of the card, the more cards guess correctly, the more score he will get.

+ Two Player:

Having a friend to play with is recommended, one player picks a card and hold the card for the other player to see the backside (to know the answer). Each players will receive 3 cards at the beginning of the game, and can only be used once:

  • First letter card:
    Get the first letter in the name of artmovement/designer
  • Time card:
    Get the year the artmovement/designer was borned
  • Nationality:
    Get the nationality of the artmovement/designer

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