Tuition Fee

The tuition fees below apply to 4 campuses in Vietnam including Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City, and Can Tho. For tuition fees at UK campus, refer to:


Fees and charges



International Admissions fee



Global Personal Competency Program


6 levels (*)

Degree program – University of Greenwich (United Kingdom)


9 semesters

(*) Students take the English placement test for their current English level. Students who obtain IELTS 6.0+, TOEFL iBT 60+, or equivalent are granted direct entry to the degree program.

Regulations on fee changes

  • Tuition fees at the Da Nang campus and the Can Tho campus in 2024 will enjoy an additional discount of 30% of the standard tuition fee of the study program.
  • Tuition fees are subject to annual review (increase/decrease). The increase will not exceed 10% each year. Greenwich Vietnam will publish information concerning fee changes if applicable.

Payment Methods

Applicants pay fees by bank transfer according to the following account information:


Bank Account Information


Account name: Truong Dai Học FPT

Bank: Vietcombank – Thang Long Branch

Account number: 0491000134882


Account name: Phan hieu Truong Dai hoc FPT tai Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh

Bank: TPBank – Ho Chi Minh Branch

Account number: 20209090008

Da Nang

Account name: Phan hieu Truong Dai hoc FPT tai Thanh Pho Da Nang

Bank: TPBank – Da Nang Branch

Account number: 03557714604

Can Tho

Account number: Phan hieu Truong Dai hoc FPT tai Thanh Pho Can Tho

Bank: TPBank – Can Tho Branch

Account number: 0909 87 88 104

Tuition payment methods for students with a student ID: 

Option 1: Pay via App, Website of TPbank

Step 1: Go to TPBank Mobile App or 

Step 2: Choose Bill Payment

Step 3: Choose Tuition

Step 4: Choose FPT Education

Step 5: Enter Student ID number

Step 6: Choose Payment

Note: Your TPbank account must have e-banking service.

Option 2: Pay via DNG Payment Portal

Step 1: Visit 

Step 2: Enter Student ID number

Step 3: Choose “Payment” (Check student information carefully)

Step 4: Choose “Domestic ATM” (Do not use a visa card)

Step 5: Enter ATM card information:

Enter the card number (not the account number)

Valid month/year: time of card issue

Step 6: Payment

Note: ATM card must be registered with the bank’s e-banking service, with Napas link.

Option 3: Pay via ViettelPay app

Step 1: Install ViettelPay application

Step 2: Open the application and search for FPT

Step 3: Select “Payment of FPT tuition fees”

Step 4: Enter Student ID number

Step 5: Make the Payment

Note: Students need to register information to use ViettelPay service to increase the payment transaction limit. You can register information directly at ViettelPay’s transaction counters.

Option 4: Pay cash at ViettelPay transaction counters

Step 1: Go to ViettelPay’s transaction points nationwide

Step 2: Apply for the payment of FPT tuition and provide the student number to the counter staff

Step 3: Check the information on the invoice (Name, student number, amount to be paid)

Step 4: Make the payment