Transfer to the UK

Students at Greenwich Vietnam study the original undergraduate program transferred 100% from the University of Greenwich, United Kingdom for 3 years. They can choose to study the entire 3 years in Vietnam and receive a degree from the University of Greenwich, United Kingdom, or choose to transfer to the main campus of Greenwich University in London after completing at least 1 year of study in Vietnam.

Guide for Students transfering to University of Greenwich in UK

1. Academic requirements

  1. A student has been approved by the examination board to progress into the next level (5 or 6).
  2. IELTS: 6.0 overall, no less than 5.5 in each skill

2. Courses & intakes

BA Business Management – Year 2 or Year 3 entry (September intake only)

BA Graphic & Digital Design – Year 2 entry only (September intake only)

BSc Computing – Year 2 entry only (September intake only)

3. Tuition Fees

Fees for the above programmes will be £17,000 per year for tuition (See more at: There is no fee to apply or any additional fees for administration or exams. Students would need to pay an additional fee for any textbooks required for the course. The breakdown of tuition fee payments as follows:

  1. Initial £3,000 deposit
  2. During the online registration before beginning studies in September, students will pay 50% of the remaining fees minus the £3,000 deposit they have already paid.
  3. Students would then pay the final 50% of fees in January.

Any students who need a refund would be required to complete the following refunds request form.

4. Scholarships

Students would also be eligible to apply for International Scholarship Award. It’s up to £3,000 discount for undergraduate international students and £1,500 for postgraduate master students. Students will need to answer some questions and there is no interview. Students can apply as soon as they receive an offer letter, however, applications usually will be opened in April.

5. How to apply

Students can apply direct at the following link:

Students should upload their academic certificates, IELTS certificates, a copy of their passport and personal statement. The personal statement should include why the student wants to study at Greenwich, why the UK and why that particular course.

Once the application has been submitted, UoG’s admissions team will assess the application and be able to make an offer.

6. The CAS process

The CAS is a document from the university to declare that UoG in UK will sponsor the student for the duration of their studies.

Students will receive their unconditional offer letter once they have provided all documentation required as part of the application process and UoG have their final grades and certificates i.e the IELTS.

Once students have the unconditional offer letter, they will need to pay the £3,000 deposit in order to secure their place on a course. The deposit must be paid using the Convera platform and the amount is the same for all courses. Once UoG have received the funds and the student has their unconditional offer letter, UoG can begin with the CAS process. Students will receive an email asking them to join the CAS Shield platform, which is the platform UoG use to process and issue the CAS. Here, students can confirm their details and upload any required documents such as previous study visas and financial evidence.

7. Applying for the Visa

Students can apply online for their visa and it costs £490 to apply. Students will need to provide financial evidence that they have sufficient funds to study in the UK. For students studying in London (which will apply to FPT students coming to study in the Greenwich campus), students will need to evidence that they have £1,334 per month (for up to 9 months) and this amount must be in the bank for at least 28 consecutive days. The end date of the 28-day period must be within 31 days of the date that the student applies for the visa. Students will also need to pay a fee called an Immigration Health Surcharge. This gives students access to the UK’s National Health Service and will cost £470 per year of study in the UK. This amount will be paid upfront for the duration of the study programme.

8. Accommodation & Living costs

UoG in London have 4 halls at the main Greenwich, all within 5-10 minutes walking from where students will be studying. More information including pricing can be found at the following accommodation link. UoG’s accommodation fees include bills and all residency is self-catered, UoG also have 24/7 security and residential support. UoG’s accommodation team can also support if students wish to rent privately whilst studying with us.

UoG have this online cost of living guide, however, it is recommended that students budget for £1,500 living costs for London including accommodation. This is a reasonable amount so that students are able to socialise and experience the city. Naturally, students could live for more than this amount, they could also live for less, but living for less than this would mean their lifestyle would be too restrictive.

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