Study at Greenwich Vietnam

The programs at Greenwich Vietnam are directly transferred from the University of Greenwich, United Kingdom. Our students study in the same course, same resources, curriculum, materials and library information system of the University of Greenwich, United Kingdom. More importantly, the assessment of students ‘academic performance is also closely coordinated between lecturers in Vietnam and lecturers in the UK. As a result, students receive a prestigious university degree and transcript from the University of Greenwich, UK, just like all students who study in person at the London campuses of the University of Greenwich.

Studying in the education system developed and implemented by FPT, our students benefit from additional specialized knowledge from FPT including: soft skills, social skills, and employability skills during the on the job training period as well as physical training (Vovinam) with the goal of building students’ thinking “Think global – Act local”. This guarantees our students overall development in accordance with KASO outcomes including: Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, and Others).

KASO outcomes at Greenwich Vietnam





Why choose 3+0 Programs at Greenwich Vietnam?

1. Course Content

  • International standard curriculum, 100% taught in English
  • Course content is updated regularly according to the latest trends in the world
  • Combining many workshops and seminars with industry experts

2. Degree

The bachelor’s degree awarded by the University of Greenwich, United Kingdom is internationally recognized, which helps students easily further their studies in any country in the world.

3. Course duration

Course duration span 3 years, shorter than most of the current undergraduate programs. 

4. Academic Team

The Vietnamese and foreign lecturers are highly qualified and graduated from countries with advanced education and professional experience.

5. Learning Environment and Extracurricular Activities

  • An international, multicultural learning environment
  • Many events for students are rich, dynamic, international level
  • Cultural exchange with English learning programs, overseas field trips, summer school in Greenwich UK

6. Teaching and Learning Methods

  • Enquiry-Based Learning (EBL) method is associated with practice and practical career experience.
  • Greenwich Vietnam’s exclusive GMT (Growth – Multi resources – Tutoring) teaching method supports students in the learning process.

7. Employability Skill Development

On-the-job training (OJT) associated with business practices prepares students for career planning skills and employment after graduation.

8. Learning resources from Greenwich UK

  • The library system is rich and diverse, including both paper books and online libraries
  • 100% learning materials provided by the University of Greenwich, UK, including video lectures by British lecturers, in addition to lectures at Greenwich Vietnam
  • Students can interact directly with Greenwich instructors through the Moodle – online interactive system

9. Seamless transfer among campuses in Vietnam and globally

Greenwich Vietnam students have the choice of study locations and uninterrupted transfer to any of our campuses in Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City, and Can Tho providing a cross-cultural learning experience, in diverse regions right in Vietnam.

Students enrolled in the 3+0 program of the University of Greenwich can also apply for transfer to the London headquarters or to the University of Greenwich campuses globally after completing at least 1 year of study in Greenwich Vietnam.

10. International employment and global citizenship opportunities

Greenwich Vietnam students have excellent English proficiency and professional qualifications to continue studying and working abroad.

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