On-the-Job Training Program


The OJT program

The OJT program is a special internship program of the University of Greenwich (Viet Nam)


The OJT program

The OJT program is a special internship program of the University of Greenwich (Viet Nam)


OJT (On the job training) is a special internship program of the University of Greenwich with the aim of equipping students with knowledge, skills, practical experience relevant to their future careers.

Unlike traditional internships, OJT is a practical form of internship, training students both professional skills as well essential practical skills. Students will undergo a 4-month internship at FPT Corporation and its partner companies, and will have the chance to participate in projects of different scales and gain more practical experience at the workplace.

OJT Structure 



Supplement and equip students with essential work readiness skills . This phase will enable students to practice and master their employability skills as well as integrate better in their future workplace.

Interpersonal Skills02

3h/1 session

Enable students to adapt quickly to professional communication styles at workplace

 Equip students with appropriate behavioral skills in communicating with diverse audiences such as superiors and customers.

 Help students to be more confident and successful in communications at the workplace.

Microsoft Office Skills04

3h/1 session

Students will become proficient in:

Using basic word processing tools (MS Word).

Using basic data processing and spreadsheets (MS Excel).

Creating professional and engaging presentations (MS Powerpoint).

Documentation skills03

3h/1 session

Understand the style and structure of common documents in companies and organizations.

Have the ability to identify common errors while composing these types of documents.

Have the ability to apply note taking in conferences, meetings, work exchanges in companies and organizations.


Resume Writing & Interview Skills


3h/1 session

Provide students with techniques to build an impressive & outstanding CV.

Help students to be confident and make a good impression at the interview.

Understand what employers and recruiters are looking for in a CV.

Instruct students how to write a CV that highlights their competence, enthusiasm, determination and knowledge.

Help students prepare before, during, and after an interview successfully.



The OJT Program for Computing students gives students the opportunity to transfer fundamental knowledge into practice. The program allows students to embark on practical work with specialized knowledge including: website design, software engineering, application design, network security administration, management of software projects …

Training courses for Computing students:

  • Programmer
  • Web design
  • Tester
  • Data Architecture
  • Network administrator

Training route: 

  • Orientation (OR Open day)
  • Professional training sessions with businesses, modern information systems.
  • Students directly participate in programming, web design, graphic design projects for clients.
  • Professional practice guide
  • Examining students’ internship outcomes.

Business Management

The growth of an organization depends on the good management of all business processes, optimizing the systems while saving costs. The OJT program for Business Management students allows students to devise strategic business management plans for an organization or a business based on their gained knowledge.

Training courses for Business Management students:

  • Business’s Control Activities
  • Organizational Culture Development
  • General Planning Activities
  • Motivation in the Workplace

Training route: 

  • Orientation (OR Open day)
  • Professional training sessions and talk shows with businesses and experts
  • Students directly participate in building plans and strategies for businesses.
  • Examining students’ internship outcomes.

Marketing Management

If you are interested in how a marketer manages and promotes a brand or a product, the OJT program for Marketing Management students will be the cornerstone of your career in marketing. You will learn how to build strong relationships with customers while creating product value. The OJT program for Marketing Management students allows you to learn how to develop a brand, manage customer portfolios, create and execute marketing campaigns and usie marketing tools.

Training courses for Marketing Management students:

  • Marketing Executive
  • Online Marketing

Training route: 

  • Orientation (OR Open day)
  • Professional training sessions on how to work in marketing agencies in Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing
  • Students directly participate in marketing campaigns for clients
  • Examining students’ internship outcomes

Events Management

To be successful in the event management career, students need to have practical experience about their profession. Through the OJT program, students are engaged in travel business planning, in-depth studies on event and festival management, organization, administration, control, and risk management. At the same time, students will meet with experts in the events and tourism industry to gain valuable experience in the profession.

Training courses for Events Management students:

  • Analyzing and organizing short-term and long-term management decisions related to all aspects of event activities
  • Organizing and operating events and festivals
  • Hotel And Resort Management

Training route: 

  • Orientation (OR Open day)
  • Product and customer analysis and event planning
  • Participate in event planning and execution
  • Summary and implementation of post production factors
  • Examining students’ internship outcomes

Graphic and Digital Design

Graphic design has become an important branch in the creative industry that affects many other professions in society. Through the OJT program for Graphic and Digital Design students, students will be given room to show their creativity, their trained skills, and their application of design tools into their products. Products designed by students are assessed and used in advertising agencies, art studios, Multimedia production companies, television agencies.

Training courses for Graphic and Digital students:   

  • 2D graphic design
  • Website design
  • 3D advertising and film processing
  • 3D Interior Design, Architecture and Building

Training route: 

  • Orientation (OR Open day)
  • Customer requirement analysis and idea proposal
  • Deploying ideas through design tools, validation, and completion
  • Examining students’ internship outcomes.


Depending on their personal wish and enterprises’s demand, in phase 3, students can keep working in enterprises or return to study for the next semesters.

OJT program’s aim: Help students gain more life and work experience in enterprises. Students work as a full-time employee at enterprises with salary and other remuneration. Students will also have the opportunity to work in enterprises after graduation without going through the probationary period.

OJT Benefits for Students:   

  • Skill development
  • Gaining First Hand experience
  • Learning from supervisors
  • Expanding your professional network
  • Polishing your resume
  • Employment and career opportunities after graduation

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