Message from the Vice-Chancellor

Professor Jane Harrington, Vice - Chancellor, University of Greenwich, United Kingdom

This is the time of great opportunity for students at the University of Greenwich. Globalization and use of technology are increasing and many companies are multinational. To do business effectively, companies need employees to be culturally aware and you can work with people from all over the world.
In Vietnam, as in the UK, the economy is transforming to become ever more based on knowledge. Intelligent, highly skilled and above all, qualified graduates are necessary to solve challenges and respond to economic transformation in the future.
Students at the University of Greenwich will not only focus on the key theoretical and practical aspects of their studies, but they will also develop a range of those general skills that are essential in any career. The ability to communicate well, to think critically, to work in a team and to solve problems are all characteristics of Greenwich students. These skills are increasingly in demand from employers. Our programs will enable you to develop the people management skill to confidently handle complex, interpersonal interactions within changing business and computing contexts.
Students, it is the time of new and exciting challenges and opportunities. Each of these will demand the development of your skills and knowledge. Throughout your life, you will continue to build on the foundation that has been laid during your study at the University of Greenwich.
Your degree is a passport to a rewarding career. I advise you to work hard, to seek out opportunities and to be adaptable. And I am sure that you will be successful. Have confidence that you have the skills to ride through the challenges you will face along the way.

Professor Jane Roscoe, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Greenwich, United Kingdom

The University of Greenwich has been a partner of FPT for fifteen years now.
Over that time, we have seen the partnership expand from a final year Computing degree in Hanoi and Ho Chih Minh City to three final year programmes across four FPT campuses.
FPT University is one of the University’s most important strategic partners and we look forward to taking our partnership further.
From September 2022, all four FPT campuses will recruit the first cohort of full three year degree students studying Business Management, Computing and Graphic and Digital Design. For Greenwich, this will be our biggest group of international franchise students and we are really looking forward to working closely with FPT on programmes which will allow Vietnamese students to experience a full UK degree programme experience whilst remaining in Vietnam for the whole programme.
Although any that wish to study part of their programme in the UK will, of course, be very welcome!
FPT University is an outstanding partner with whom to deliver these programmes. They share many of our values relating to student support and ensuring that degree programmes are relevant to subsequent employability. The way that FPT embed work experience into the programme for every single student is really good practice and gives us great confidence in the quality of the programmes which will be launched from this September.
Over the past fifteen years, we have seen many outstanding students graduate from FPT with University of Greenwich degrees. I was delighted to attend the most recent degree ceremony and to be able to greet many successful graduates.
I look forward to more visits in future years and to being able to extend those greetings to an ever growing number of students from Vietnam.

Nguyen Van Khoa - Chief Executive Officer, FPT Corporation

FPT’s great aspiration is by technology and education, to continue to bringing Vietnamese intelligence to the world. Over the past 30 years, FPT has contributed to bringing thousands of young people to the world, implementing important projects with leading corporations.
The mission of developing high-quality workforce in technology is realized through the activities of FPT Education as well as the cooperation with prestigious and globally ranked universities such as the University of Greenwich.
With the combination of intellectual quintessence, the excellence of UK education and the philosophy of growing people of FPT Education, we hope that your 3-year journey of studying at Greenwich Vietnam will be full of fun and challenging experiences.

Dr. Le Truong Tung – Chairman, FPT University – General Director, FPT Education

FPT Education’s ambition is to provide globally competitive skills to learners through partnerships with globally ranked universities and alliance with the UK’s prestigious University of Greenwich is one of them. Studying at the University of Greenwich, you will be awarded an internationally recognized  degree from a reputable university and equipped with all the essential skills – with the most reasonable time and cost.
FPT Education and its partners are working hard toward a new education philosophy: “Education is the process of facilitating and managing learners’ self-study”. A student without self-study skills will not be able to adapt to an ever-changing environment full of challenges and obstacles. A student who has no thirst for new knowledge and does not know how to self-study will always struggle with unanswered job applications.
The function of a university is not to teach students knowledge and skills to serve society at the moment because it will be 4 to 5 years until you graduate. It is important that the university teaches learners self-study skills and the foundation knowledge.
FPT Education is one of the first institutions in Vietnam to use all specialized textbooks in English. Students are taught foreign languages during their studies. In addition, studying with international students and lecturers at FPT Education, as well as student exchange programs, short-term courses abroad  have also enabled  learners to adapt quickly to practical learning and working environments in any country.
Until now, FPT Education has made some great achievements with 17,000 students of all levels. 98% of graduates have successfully landed a job, of which 15% are studying and working in a foreign countries. Students from FPT Education are always highly appreciated by both local and international employers.
FPT Education is also the first in Vietnam to be rated 3 stars and the only to be rated 5 stars – the highest level – for 4 categories including: Quality of Training, Employment, Facilities and Social Responsibility by QS Ranking (UK).
With the mission of “Providing global competitiveness for learners and contributing to raising the intellectual capacity of the country”, we – educators who carry a burning desire, are making efforts every day to be able to do fulfill that mission.

Mr. Nguyen Nhut Tan - Director, Greenwich Vietnam

Receiving a high-quality education and owning a degree from advanced countries in Europe or America is the dream of many generations of Vietnamese parents and students. Today, collaboration programs with international universities like Greenwich Vietnam make it easier for students to access global knowledge at a reasonable cost and with less risk than studying abroad.
The programs at Greenwich Vietnam are directly transferred from the University of Greenwich, United Kingdom. Our students study in the same course, same resources, curriculum, materials and library information system of the University of Greenwich, UK. More importantly, the assessment of students ‘academic performance is also closely coordinated between lecturers in Vietnam and lecturers in the UK. As a result, students receive a prestigious university degree and transcript from the University of Greenwich, UK, just like all students who study in person at the London campuses of the University of Greenwich.
Studying in the education system developed and implemented by FPT, our students benefit from additional specialized knowledge from FPT including: soft skills, social skills, and employability skills during the on the job training period as well as physical training (Vovinam) with the goal of building students’ thinking “Think global – Act local”. This gives our students complete confidence when entering the job market with open career opportunities and always in the top choices of businesses, especially foreign businesses.
In addition, Greenwich Vietnam is proud to be part of the global network of Greenwich alumni, where Vietnamese students can join, connect, share, support each other and seek opportunities from anywhere in the world. Greenwich Vietnam is the beginning of the journey opening up the world for young Vietnamese people.