English Programs

English programs at Greenwich Vietnam

In the context of global integration and globalization, foreign languages ​​in which English is the most popular play a very important role. In fact, English is a compulsory condition for students in daily communication as well as seeking job opportunities in the future.
Employers today always want to choose candidates with good language skills, and English is the top priority.
“Learner-centered teaching” is the motto at Greenwich Vietnam.
With 100% international textbooks and a robust team of native English speaking and internationally educated lecturers, students at Greenwich Vietnam have the opportunity to practice their English skills every day with native speakers.
After graduation, students at Greenwich Vietnam are not only equipped with professional knowledge and skills but also confident with their foreign language ability.

Program structure
Freshmen at Greenwich Vietnam will take a placement English test, in order to be placed in a suitable English preparatory class which is divided into 5 levels before studying their major.
Students who have not met the English entry requirements (IELTS 6.0+, TOEFL iBT 60+, Linguaskill 160 or equivalent) must participate in the preparatory English program.
The preparatory English program is designed for students of many different levels. After the placement test, students will be placed in classes according to their current level. Students who have completed each level will be moved to the next level.

Preparatory English Program
Course code Course name Duration (hours) Prerequisites
ENR101 English level 1 105  
ENR201 English level 2 105 Pass Level 1
ENR301 English level 3 105 Pass Level 2
ENR401 English level 4 105 Pass Level 3
ENR501 English level 5 90 Pass Level 4