Graphic and Digital Design

BA Hons in Graphic and Digital Design

University of Greenwich, United Kingdom

Hanoi, Da Nang, HCMC, Can Tho


The principal aim of this program is to prepare students for the creative industries and the world of design thinking and making through supporting students to continuing personal development and professional practice throughout their work. The program is organised to facilitate acquisition of appropriate knowledge and understanding, development of the necessary personal attributes and application of the essential skills.

Students will be equipped with knowledge on how to understand their relationship as graphic and digital designers with various audiences, clients, markets, users, consumers, participants, co-workers and co-creators.

The program provides opportunities for students to develop the following skills:

Program structure


Module code

Module name

Students who meet English requirements are granted direct entry to the main academic program

English preparatory program






English level 1

English level 2

English level 3

English level 4

English level 5

Year 1 – Main academic program

Compulsory Modules





Graphic Design Principles

Experimental Studio Practices

Art and Design in Context

Typographic Studies

Year 2 – Main academic program

Compulsory Modules







Graphic Design Branding and Advertising

Design Investigation

Narrative and Sequence

Creative Professional Practice

Design Thinking

Year 3 – Main academic program

Compulsory Modules




Design Research Project 

Professional Practice & Portfolio 

Interdisciplinary Design

After graduation, students have knowledge and skills to work in different positions in the creative industry and graphic design applications such as: advertising, illustration, printing, publishing, packaging, branding, interactive design, animation and dynamic graphics. 

  • Graphic designers
  • Game designer
  • Website design specialist
  • Image orientation specialist
  • Printing specialist
  • Illustrator
  • Product developer
  • Art director
  • Creative director

High school graduates who wish to apply to Greenwich Vietnam need to achieve one of the qualifications listed below.

1. High School Academic Results:

  • A minimum GPA of 7.0/10 for Grade 12, 1st Semester of Grade 12 or Grade 11; 
  • Students who apply for Computing and Artificial Intelligence are required to have a minimum score of 7.0/10 for one of three subjects including Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. 

2. Vietnam National High School Graduation Examination Results: Matriculation scores will be announced after the exam results are available.

3. Vietnam National University Competency Assessment Examination Results: Matriculation scores will be announced after the exam results are available.

4. International Qualifications:

  • International A-levels
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma
  • 800 SAT 1 Score and above
  • High School Certificate in countries outside Vietnam

Candidates with other qualifications will be interviewed by the admission committee.

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