Graphic and Digital Design

Program name

BA Hons in Graphic and Digital Design

Degree awarded by

University of Greenwich, United Kingdom


Ha Noi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh and Can Tho


University of Greenwich (Vietnam)’s Graphic and Digital Design course is an international standard program that focuses both on developing creative thinking and practising the industry’s most advanced design tools and techniques. The aim of the course is to equip students with practical skills as well as foster their creativity to keep up with the creative trends in the world.
With the up-to-date course content transferred directly from the United Kingdom, students will study modules from beginner levels to specialized ones on a variety of topics such as word arts, visual narrative, printmaking, brand identity, graphics, and digital animation.
The learning roadmap goes from basic, applicable knowledge to problem solving research and shaping art thinking, which enables students to develop many different career directions in the future.

Learning and Assessment

  • Students who meet the English entry requirements directly enter the degree program.
  • Students’ learning progress is monitored and evaluated through assignments, individual projects, group projects, and final year projects.
  • Students have 01 semester (4 months) to do an internship at enterprises – On the job training (OJT) program.
  • During the course, students are guided by a team of dedicated, experienced and highly qualified lecturers from the most advanced educational backgrounds and have been educated in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore. , …
  • Class sizes are always under 25 students, which optimizes interaction between lecturers and students throughout the learning process.

Program structure

I. Preratory English program

  • ENR101: English Level 1
  • ENR201: English Level 2
  • ENR301: English Level 3
  • ENR401: English Level 4
  • ENI501: English Level 5

II. Academic English

  • AEG115: Academic English for non-business

III. Soft skills

  • SSLG102: Study skills for University success 
  • SSGG101: Working in group

IV. General modules

  • SSDG101: Basic drawing and sketching
  • DTGG102: Visual design tools
  • VOG111: Voninam 1
  • VOG121: Vovinam 2
  • VOG131: Vovinam 3

Subjects replace for Vovinam (**)

  • COG111: Chess 1
  • COG121: Chess 2
  • COG131: Chess 3

V. OJT program

Foundation program

Advanced program

  • L/615/3512: Professional Development
  • D/615/3515: Techniques & Processes
  • R/615/3513: Contextual Studies
  • F/615/3524: Typography
  • Y/615/3514: Individual Project (Pearson-set)
  • D/615/3532: Printmaking
  • J/615/3525: Graphic Design Practices
  • F/615/3541: Visual Narratives
  • K/615/3596: Digital Animation
  • Y/615/3562: Art Direction
  • R/615/3544: Applied Practice – Collaborative Project (Pearson–set)
  • Y/615/3559: Branding & Identity
  • J/615/3542: Professional Practice
  • H/615/3550: Advanced Graphic Design Studies
  • DESI1219: Design Research Project
  • DESI1226: Experience design
  • DESI1221: Professional Practice and Portfolio
  • DESI1222: Interdisciplinary Design

Career Prospects

After graduation, students have knowledge and skills to work in different positions in the creative industry and graphic design applications such as: advertising, illustration, printing, publishing, packaging, branding, interactive design, animation and dynamic graphics. 

  • Graphic designers
  • Game designer
  • Website design specialist
  • Image orientation specialist
  • Printing specialist
  • Illustrator
  • Product developer
  • Art director
  • Creative director

Entry requirements

Students are granted admission if they meet the following requirements:
High school graduation diploma with:

  • A minimum GPA of 6.5/10 for Grade 12, 1st Semester of Grade 12 or Grade 11
  • A minimum score of 7.0/10 for Grade 12, 1st Semester of Grade 12 or Grade 11  in Mathematics, English or IT

Applicants who do not meet those stated criteria will be interviewed for admission.