Greenwich Vietnam


Greenwich Vietnam is an international alliance between the University of Greenwich, United Kingdom and FPT University, Vietnam. Established in 2009, it has had a global network of more than 15.000 students and alumni from over 12 countries in the world.

Its programs, academic teams and facilities are accredited by experts from the United Kingdom and from the University of Greenwich. 

Study in Vietnam - Earn a degree in United Kingdom

Education in the United Kingdom is famous all over the world for rigorous standards to ensure quality, professionalism and practicality and to meet the growing needs in the modern workplace.

Studying at Greenwich Vietnam, students benefit from the quintessence of British education, paying only one-tenth of the cost of studying in the United Kingdom for the same degree.

With the internationally recognized Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Greenwich, United Kingdom, students can further study for a Master’s degree or PhD in many countries around the world. 

Graduates are welcome to work at FPT Corporation (with 8 member companies and more than 30,000 staff members), and hundreds of partner enterprises, groups in Vietnam and around the world.

Benefits of multi-campus and multi-country experience

After each semester, students can choose to continue their study at a different Greenwich campus in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, and Can Tho, all of which offers the same academic standards, course structure and seamless transfer. This opportunity gives students the chance to live independently, take more responsibility, appreciate different ways of living in major cities in Vietnam. 

Students can also apply to transfer to London campus for the final year. During their study at Greenwich Vietnam, students have the opportunity to experience the learning environment in countries outside of Vietnam through student exchange programs, internships, and seminars such as: 

  • English courses in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore
  • Cultural exchanges in other countries

On the job training (OJT)

OJT (On the job training) is a special internship program for junior students. With a total duration of 3 months, OJT offers students practical knowledge and opportunity to gain first-hand experience, accumulate practical experience for their future career after graduation.

Well-Rounded Education with Personal Development Program (PDP)

In addition to professional knowledge, students are equipped with survival skills and soft skills through workshops, short-term courses and many exciting extracurricular activities.

Study with international lecturers and students

Greenwich Vietnam is committed to providing students with a comprehensive educational environment in which professionalism is one of the core values. Students will study in a world-class educational environment like studying overseas with international curriculum, faculty and students from many countries around the world.

Global Alumni Network

Greenwich Vietnam alumni network has over 15,000 students from 12 countries and is part of the global network of more than 30,000 students based in more than 30 countries including the United Kingdom. Together, we carry on the pride of Greenwich Alumni.